It is important for me as a designer to share my process with you guys - my past, present and future clients.  It let's you know that I know what I'm talking about and helps you to understand how the process will work, should you chose to hire me for a future project.  

I hope that when you read through this, and future, posts you will understand that I totally love the whole design process and working with fellow business owners to bring their ideas to life.

The project was so fun and meant even more because both myself and Melanie are starting out on new ventures.  Melanie runs a baking business from home called 'Cake You Happy' in Aberdeenshire and you should definitely go have a look at her Facebook page here! She has been baking for friends and family for a while and has decided to step things up with the launch of her business.  We have been blogger friends for a while and when I launched Bake This Happen it collided perfectly with Melanie looking to get Cake You Happy off the was meant to be!


After our initial email contact I invited Melanie to join a shared Pinterest board so we could both Pin images that would give me a good idea of the style she was after and the image the logo should convey.  Along with the answers to my brand questionnaire, this formed the point of reference for me to move on to the design phase.


For me, all designing starts with a blank sheet of paper and some pencils.  I find this the easiest place to get creative and to start the ideas flowing.  I sketched up a number of options and discussed these with Melanie.


The next step was to work up these sketches on the computer based on the feedback from Melanie.  The 'cake' theme is strong, as well as a lively and happy image.  Option four was my 'wildcard' option but from the Pinterest board I had seen that Melanie like the bolder fonts with a bit of added interest.  The yellow was used to show a contrast but I expected to use more muted tones as shown at the bottom.  


To my delight and surprise Melanie loved option four so I went to work developing the idea.  I wanted to keep the design principles of the original option four but work in a more obvious baking/cake the form of sprinkles!


Along with the main logo I also put together additional icons and layouts for Melanie to use in her business and to make sure she would have a cohesive and profession brand across all platforms.  The small icon is a simplified version of the logo (which Melanie has also had printed as a small sticker to use in her packaging(, then the spilled sprinkles logo makes a fun Facebook header.  The pattern was used to create an eye-catching and memorable business card design.

So that's it!  The first run down of one of my designs.  I will go through a few others as they are completed and over the next few months.  Hopefully letting you see the 'behind the scenes' of the design process will give you the confidence to reach out and give your baking business a makeover!

If you are interested please hit the button below to take a look at my design packages, or if you have any questions at all either leave a comment or use the icons below.