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You've heard that having a blog is a good way to market your cake business. You've seen that lots of websites and businesses now include one, but you don't know what to post or where to start. You don't even know if it would make a difference for your cake business.
Today, I'm going to share with you 7 blog post ideas for your cake business to help you get started blogging. Each of the post ideas has the goal of attracting more customers and cake orders, so you can use blogging effectively to grow your cake business. Even better, if you make the key posts easy to find on your website, you'll write them once and they'll work over and over again for you as new visitors to your website - read, potential customers, see them.

Weekly or monthly cake gallery posts

Whether you choose to display photos of your cakes on one gallery page, share them as weekly or monthly blog posts, or both is entirely up to you. If you share your cake photos solely as blog posts, make sure they are easy to find when a new potential customer visits your website by creating a category on your menu bar solely for these posts.

Most of us remember being told to show not tell from our school days, and the same rule applies to your cakes. Describing your cake can sound fantastic, but showing your potential customers exactly what they can expect from you in terms of design, style and quality in actual photographs of your cakes is far more persuasive. A cake gallery can help your ideal customer to realise that you're they're ideal baker toorder from when they visit your website because they see the types of cake that they would want themselves.

Success stories

Sharing success stories is oh-so important, especially when used in combination with a cake gallery on your cake business website, because it provides social proof from one customer to another (potential) customer that your cakes are as good as they look.

When you complete each cake order, ask your customers if they wouldn't mind sending a little bit of feedback for you to use as a testimonial afterwards. This will again, like the cake gallery, build trust in your cake products, making someone more likely to buy from you in the future.

Introducing the baker

Take the time to introduce yourself either in a blog post people can easily find or in an about page on your website. Tell people a bit about yourself, your history of baking, your particular skills. Be yourself and let some of your personality shine through. This can help potential customers to feel more familiar with you - rather than you being a total stranger selling cakes - which again could make customers trust your business and cake making ability more, making them more likely to order from you and not another, more anonymous cake business.

How to choose your cake order

This type of post works in two ways to help your cake business. It can take time out of the ordering process as customers are more likely to know what they want and need, but it is also educational, making them realise all the elements that go into a cake and the value of your work in accommodating them. Ideas for things you could cover are choosing serving sizes, flavours, dietary requirements, the number of tiers, style of decoration, any carving or shape requirements, and budget.

5 reasons to order your next celebration cake

Similarly to the last idea, this post also teaches something to your potential customers. In the case of a post about '5 reasons to order your next celebration cake', it is helping people to understand the benefits of ordering a cake as opposed to buying one in the shop or making one themselves. Posts like these can help to show the value of ordering homemade cakes. If they are done well, they can potentially make people who are on the fence more likely to work with you on a cake than to visit a shop, because you've convinced them why they should.

Updates from the kitchen

Regularly updating your website with fresh, quality content can help to improve your search engine ranking and SEO. Google prefers websites that are regularly updated in this way, so writing new blog posts can be a good way for a cake business to boost their SEO and through that, the number of people finding their cake business through Google. One easy way to update your cake business website regularly is to share updates from your kitchen - if you've mastered a new decorating technique, got some new equipment, doubled the number of orders you're getting or even booked out for a while (making sure you mention when you can take orders again for, of course!).

New cake designs

Another way to regularly update your website is with new cake designs to add to your portfolio. This works especially well if you offer a few set designs as well as custom cakes, as you can showcase these in detail of a blog post. Feature high quality images with detailed descriptions of the cake and the work involved to show off your skills and stunning cake designs. Adding new options can create excitement around your cake business and again build familiarity with your brand and your cakes, so customers know what they can expect and (hopefully!) like what they see.

What will you post to your cake business blog? For more help, hop over and find out  how to get into the blogging mindset and you'll be feeling confident in no time.