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Keeping on top of all aspects of your business can be tricky, especially when the orders are rolling in.  That’s why having systems in place to maintain order and to allow you to work as quickly as possible are key.  Today I’m going to look at three tips in three different areas of your business - customers, money and your kitchen.  Hopefully these will help reduce your stress and making running your awesome baking business a total breeze!


Keep all communication in one place.  
If people are getting in touch with you by all manner of methods, with some enquiries coming through your Facebook page, a few being made by text message, the odd phone call and some face to face, you are bound to get confused and lose track of something.  
When customers are placing orders, or even making an enquiry, encourage them to use just one form of communication.  My preference is e-mail, as you can organise your e-mails into folders to allow each different order to stay separate and easy to access. Even if they make that initial contact by message, ask them to put all of the details down in an email, this will allow you to keep a record of everything they ask for.
To help with this, you can direct all of your enquiries coming from your website straight to your business email account and you can add a big blue button to your Facebook business page that will direct people straight to an email enquiry, rather than being tempted by the FB messaging feature.

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You've heard that having a blog is a good way to market your cake business. You've seen that lots of websites and businesses now include one, but you don't know what to post or where to start. You don't even know if it would make a difference for your cake business.
Today, I'm going to share with you 7 blog post ideas for your cake business to help you get started blogging. Each of the post ideas has the goal of attracting more customers and cake orders, so you can use blogging effectively to grow your cake business. Even better, if you make the key posts easy to find on your website, you'll write them once and they'll work over and over again for you as new visitors to your website - read, potential customers, see them.

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