By now you’ll have realised that I just won’t stop going on about the benefits of a website for your baking business. It really is true though. I want you to maximise every hour you spend in your baking business, and by having a website that works for you, you can start to streamline your business and save yourself time.

Not only that, but if you don’t have a physical bakery, what better way to entice new customers than by welcoming them into a virtual shop front, where you can showcase your best products and answer their questions?

It all sounds like a no brainer to me!

I’ve created a three part video series that deep dives into websites for your baking business. Throughout the series we’ll cover:

  • the benefits of a website for your business

  • what may be stopping you from diving in

  • how to overcome those fears

  • designer vs DIY

  • what you need to consider whatever option you choose

  • steps you can take to get started now

  • tools you need to get yourself online.

Today we’re covering the benefits of a website, what may be stopping you and how to overcome these problems.

Le't’s dive in!