Adding a Cake Consultation Scheduler to Your Website

Scheduling consultations with customers can be a time consuming thing. The back and forth to find a spot that works for everyone, and just the time it takes to make contact, set up the appointment in your diary.

In business, I’m all about streamlining where possible, and being as efficient as I can with my time. For example, in my website design business I use an appointment scheduling application called Acuity to book in design calls with my clients, so we can talk about their project before we get started.

This got me thinking that this would be the perfect solution for bakers who want to automate their consultation booking process!

If you have a website with Squarespace you can use their partner app called Acuity - this comes free if you have the Business plan - but there are alternatives you can use on other sites such as Calendly (which is slightly cheaper than Acuity if you don’t have the option for a free account with your SS website).

If you charge for consultations this will take even more of the hassle out of the process as both of the scheduling options I mentioned above allow you to take payments with Square, Stripe or Paypal when people book an appointment with you!

It’s simple to set up, but not simple enough that I could type out every step, so I’ve gone for a video tutorial instead!


Hopefully this helps you streamline the scheduling process and makes your appointment process a breeze!

If you’d like help with installing a calendar on your existing site I can help you through my hourly Maintenance and Updates package - booking here!

All of my custom website include the set-up and integration of the Acuity scheduler so go check out my website package for all the details!