Save Time With an FAQ page on Your Bakery Website

Laptop with bakery website example, save time with a frequently asked questions page on your website

Do you find that you often get asked the same types of questions over and over again by potential customers?  It can become time consuming, especially if people are reaching out to you on different platforms, so creating one place where you can provide answers to the most common questions will be such a relief to you.

Where to keep it?

There are two different ways I would suggest delivering your FAQs to customers.  One would be a page on your website, so you would just send them across a link to this page.  This option is good because then they are on your website, and become familiar with it and all of the information it contains.  So when they are ready to place an order, or make a future order, your website will spring to their mind and they’ll log on to order their next cake.

The second way you could deliver the FAQ’s is to create a PDF.  This is good because it’s a simple file that can be sent by email, or Facebook messenger.  You could even upload it to the files section of your Facebook business page. By making it a PDF, rather than just a Word document, you’re creating an uneditable file, so it’s secure, and you can also add some styling and branding to it, so it is obvious where it came from should it get forwarded on to a contact of the potential customer.  

One of the benefits of the PDF or Word document is that it can be printed and you can leave it with your customers at tasting sessions or when you meet them prior to placing an order.  You could also take some copies along to any markets or fairs you are attending.

My recommendation would be to have all bases covered with a page on your website, a PDF and a printable version.  You want to make ordering from you as easy as possible for customers so being able to quickly and efficiently answer their questions is invaluable.


What does it need to include?

This will depend on your bakery, what you sell and what you find your customers asking you over and over.  However, there are a few fail-safe questions that almost everyone will want to know.

  • How far in advance should I order?

  • How many people do your cakes serve?

  • Do you deliver?

  • How much is delivery?

  • What ingredients do you use?

  • What payment methods do you accept?

If you specialise in wedding cakes you will probably focus more on answering questions about cost, time scale and setting up consultations and tastings.  If you are a more general baker you mind find it helpful to talk about wholesale ordering, the ingredients you use and quantities your items can be ordered in.  If you have a shop you can provide a link with directions and parking instructions, opening times and how to order for collection.

If you’ve been in business for even six months I’m sure you will have noticed a pattern in questions that you receive, so start to collate them together in a simple document (Word, or Google Docs, or similar) so when you come to put your website together you can easily create your own FAQ page.

Let’s Look at Some Examples

Tasty Bakery covers a great, wide range of questions on their page, from delivery to when payment needs to be made.

Love that KJ’s Cakery Bakery gives advice on cutting cakes but also explains why their product is a premium price.

Shout out to one of my designs, Delicioso Decor keeps it simple with their FAQ’s and I love the questions about what is the perfect event for cake pops (answer is every event, obvz!)

Humour is definitely allowed, even on something as potentially dull as a FAQ page!  Love the opening light-hearted (but also required) questions from Cat Food Cakes.

I hope this has given you some ideas of what you should be including in your FAQ’s page or document and encourages you to put one together for your bakery.  If you’ve got any questions please drop a comment below or get in touch video social media!

Laptop with bakery website example, save time with a frequently asked questions page on your website
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