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You've heard that having a blog is a good way to market your cake business. You've seen that lots of websites and businesses now include one, but you don't know what to post or where to start. You don't even know if it would make a difference for your cake business.
Today, I'm going to share with you 7 blog post ideas for your cake business to help you get started blogging. Each of the post ideas has the goal of attracting more customers and cake orders, so you can use blogging effectively to grow your cake business. Even better, if you make the key posts easy to find on your website, you'll write them once and they'll work over and over again for you as new visitors to your website - read, potential customers, see them.

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Deciding on your baking businesses brand and logo can be one of the most painstaking tasks of setting up your business.  There are so many options and ideas it can be hard to even know where to start.  Not to mention how indecisive you become when making decisions for yourself...or maybe that's just me!

I had known for years that I would name my home baking business Ever So Sweet, but when it came to designing the logo, business cards and website it took forever!  If you're stuck in that same quandary then I hope I can inspire you with some of my very favourite bakery logos and branding styles.

There is also a free download which includes some simple bakery themed icons to use in your own logo designs, on your website or to integrate into stationary and business cards - you've got a whisk, wooden spoon, cake on a stand and a cupcake.  I've included the transparent background .PNG files as well as Photoshop .PSD files, so you are free to use them wherever you want! 

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By far the most popular article on this site is my post about pricing your baking.  I continue to see questions on forums and in Facebook groups about how much to charge when you’re getting started so I thought I would revisit the topic, dig a little deeper and look at it from a couple of different angles.  If you’d like to get caught up please have a look at part one over here.  

In addition, I've also revamped the free Cake Pricing Calculator and it now looks more beautiful than before and even easier to use.  I hope you find it really helpful in your cake business so please hit the big yellow button below to download yours.

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