When you’re looking to build a website for your cake business the amount of options can be overwhelming, and looking in Facebook groups can only add to the confusion because everyone has their own experiences and opinions.  The only real way to know which will work for you is to test drive them, but that can take time and a bit of know-how, so today I’m going to run through why I think Squarespace is the best solution for bakers looking to show off their cakes online.


The drag and drop nature of how a Squarespace page is build makes it really easy for someone who isn’t experienced with website building.  You are able to edit the content live on the page so you always know what your end result is going to be.

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Portions of this post are taken from my DIY Your Baking Business Website course.  For more information about that, click here.

Before you dive into building your cake decorating or baking business website, you need to take some time to plan out what you are going to create.  A website without a purpose, or clear function, will not be worth the time you’ll take to create it.

Likewise, a website than has good content, but doesn’t align with your business and brand style, will not help you attract the right kind of customers and will leave those who do visit confused about your message.

The two keys to a good website are CONTENT & STYLING.

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Costs are always at the centre of every decision you make as a business owner.  Every penny spent is considered carefully, sometimes agonised over, because everything that goes out takes away from your profit and how much you can afford to pay yourself.

What’s particularly important is the return on costs.  Some costs are easy to account for and see a direct return on, for example, without spending money on ingredients, cake boxes and tools you would have nothing to sell.  Specifically, all of the ingredients, packaging and decoration for a particular cake can be added up and compared with what the cake was sold for.

Other business costs, or expenses, are harder to quantify and return is harder to measure.  Advertising can be something that can eat into your expenses but it’s not always easy to know exactly how many sales are being driven from it.

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Rebekah Allan from Angel Foods has the best job in the world, talking about cakes! She believes anyone can make great cakes + anyone can make great money from cakes! Helping food lovers with positive support and a little bit of business know-how to help unlock the passion. Through high quality, easy to understand, actionable, fun tutorials, teaching others how to build the sweet business of their dreams. With a free Cake Business Toolkit on how to go from a HOBBY caker to making a KILLING in 3 days flat!

With any new business, getting your name out there and getting inquiries and orders is always the biggest challenge.  

There is always so much trial and error to figure out what to do (next) and what marketing strategy works (or doesn’t). While, yes, it does come down to ‘try, test, tweak, repeat’ at the same time, it’s nice to have a helping hand with what has worked for others!

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 Chances are, one of the first bits of marketing  you will get yourself once you start up your baking business, is a business card.  They are easy to carry around with you wherever you go, you can hand them out to friends and family, pin them on notice boards, leave them in local shops or even use them in your packaging by attaching them to your cake boxes.  They also have the benefit of being affordable and there are many sites out there that make it easy to design your own or use a template.

 With business card production being totally accessible to all, it can sometimes mean that good design of is forgotten.  I don’t want that to happen to you, so if you are planning on using a ‘design your own service’ for your cards….read on!

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A few weeks ago I handed over my most recent design project to Kerry of Kerizcakes, and I’m absolutely delighted with the way her new logo and branding turned out.  Kerry was looking to create a new look for her home-based cake and cupcake business so she could start to build up a more recognisable image and more professional look.

As always the first step for clients is to answer a short questionnaire to give me a better understanding of their business before I get started, and I also ask that they start collecting images into a Pinterest board to help with my initial ‘Inspiration Board’ layout.  Some of the words Kerry used to descibe her business were modern, stylish and classy and she had also been Pinning a lot of purples, golds and florals, all of which I took through into the final board.

Following some further discussion I then went on to create three black and white logo options based upon the questionnaire and inspiration images.

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